After Event 11 - Youth London International
Scores last updated: 05/08/2018

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  • Triple Crown Trials - Best FIVE from EIGHT events including the Junior Nationals

Junior Team England Qualification 2017-18 TRIPLE CROWN

The qualification rules for the Junior Team England Triple Crown Trials for the 2017-18 season are as follows:

  • The bowler must be under 17 or under 19 on or before the 31st of August 2019
  • The top twenty bowlers in the NAYBC Junior Team England Under 16 and Under 18 rankings, boys and girls, will be invited to the trials event. Under 16s cannot qualify in the Under 18 division
  • Should bowlers not accept their invite to the trials event, their places may be offered to subsequent bowlers in the rankings, subject to those bowlers satisfying all other Triple Crown trials entry requirements
  • In order to be invited to the trials, bowlers must have:
    • Played a minimum of five from the eight ranking events (best five from eight scores count)
    • Participated in the Junior National Championships
    • Made themselves available for their County in the relevant age group
  • Should two bowlers have the same points, placing will be decided by highest average points

The trials event for the twenty boys and twenty girls from each age group will be match play format, points based with the players playing sixteen games, moving every game.

The top four bowlers in each division from the trials will be invited to form the Junior Team England Triple Crown team for the 2018 Junior Triple Crown.

Junior Team England Qualification 2017-18 EUROPEANS

The qualification criteria for the Junior Team England European squad for the 2017-18 season are as follows:

  • The player must be under 19 on or before the 31st of August 2019
  • Qualification is based on the best 8 from 11 events and 8 must have been played
  • The bowler who wins the combined U16 and U18 rankings, boy and girl will automatically qualify for the European squad for that season

Junior Team England Squad membership is subject to agreement with and signing of the Team England Code of Conduct, Anti-doping and such other documents as may be required by Junior Team England, the B.T.B.A, Sport England, Commonwealth Games Council for England or the International Olympic Committee.

The Junior Team England Squad will attend all Junior Team England training sessions and events together until the teams are selected for the European event. The team of four boys and four girls for the European event will be selected from the Junior Team England Squad by a selection panel.